Sep 21, 2015

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How Has Small Business Accounting Changed In The Past Decade?

Chartered accountants in BrightonFor the past decade or so, many individuals have occupied themselves deeply in the accounting profession. Many of these individuals have been providing advice to accounting firms and bookkeepers regarding why they need to be more synchronized with their clients and how they can accomplish this. Offering clients actionable business advice and real-time numbers is the focus of much of this advice.
Considering how small business accounting has been changing in the past decade, predicting the future landscape. Below are five ways in which accounting has changed for small businesses and will continue to evolve in these areas in the coming years.

 Accounting has evolved into cloud accounting

Cloud accounting is gradually becoming mainstream in a variety of fields. However, currently merely 10% of American small- and medium-sized enterprises are using a cloud accounting product. As for the rest of the business community, the most common accounting systems are still either hard-drive-, shoebox- or spreadsheet-based, but this norm has been changing. Over the past decade, old accounting products and tools have gradually been disappearing. Soon, hard-drive-based accounting systems will no longer be supported or updated. As this change progresses, a majority of small- and medium-sized businesses will have switched to a cloud-based accounting system.

Many small- and medium-sized businesses no longer need accountants and/or bookkeepers

As cloud accounting continues to grow at a rapid rate, the need for data entry has declined in the past decade or so. Integration with cloud-based distribution, payroll and stock control systems has been increasing. The systems are so advanced and powerful that a far greater amount of data can be acquired and manage reports can be run without any help. In other words, managing small- and medium-sized has become easier. External accountants and/or bookkeepers have also been replaced with automation software in the past decade.


 Small- and medium-sized businesses can now determine available monthly free cash

Most small- and medium-sized businesses have no clue about the amount of free cash that is available to them each month. They assume that their bank balance or complicated spreadsheets will indicate the free cash they have available. However, a bank balance of $100,000 does not mean that the $100,000 are actually available to spend. Perhaps a business only has $5,000 available to spend out of their actual bank balance. New algorithms and software have made the technology available to small- and medium-sized businesses that can inform them precisely how much free cash they really have. Having accurate cash forecast has been gradually becoming a reality.


Accounting has become an on-demand community

AirBnB and Uber are the current leaders in the on-demand community. Today, a car can be booked whenever needed, and a home can now be rented when the owners are away, simply using a smartphone. The hotel and taxi industries have been severely damaged by these businesses. Similarly, most small- and medium-sized businesses would love if they could hire chartered accountants in Brighton based on their projects and/or specialties, simply by tapping into an app. On-demand accounting has gradually been taking over in the past decade and soon this will be possible.



While accounting will perhaps forever remain the language of business, nothing can stop this language from going through changes and evolving. It has happened throughout the ages and it has happened in the past decade. However, despite these advancements and changes, the importance of an experience and qualified accountant can not be ignored, at least not yet.



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Aug 10, 2015

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3DS Max

Autodesk-3D-MAX-2015-64-bit_2552 - Copy

            3DS Max is probably my favorite piece of software that I use at work on a regular basis. It’s a 3D modeling program that my team uses to block out in-game areas and levels. By this point, I think it’s pretty much an industry standard for game design. It has a full suite of features and really provides everything I need to make a functional mock up. Plus, if there’s anything you ever want to do and find that the program isn’t optimized for it, it allows Python scripting to make your own customized scripts. This makes the functionally virtually endless and I think it’s a great feature that more software should integrate! I also like that it allows you to preview any changes you’re thinking of without actually making them. It really lets me see if it’s a worthwhile change without compromising what I’ve already been working on. It also has an automatic crowd generation function, so I don’t have to waste a lot of time modelling a bunch of people in the early stages of development.

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Aug 10, 2015

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Sleek Cintiq


            Today’s tech isn’t something I work with on a daily basis, but I came across it at work today and it was too cool not to share. I was working with some of our animation artists on a new character model earlier and noticed that one of them was working on a very sleek looking tablet – definitely not the standard issue model at our company. After talking with him for a while, I found out it was the Cintiq Companion 2 by Wacom. After a little more talking, I got up the courage to ask to try my hand. Now, I’m no artist by any means, but this tablet made even my shaky stick figures look good. Of course, I could never justify buying one for myself, but if you have enough talent to make use of it, you should check one out!

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Aug 10, 2015

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Cat Toys for Geeks

Because sometimes you just can’t be bothered to get off the couch to torment your cat.

Because sometimes you just can’t be bothered to get off the couch to torment your cat.

This post is on behalf of Onyx, who I’m sure, if she could talk or type, would be meowing the praises of the cool new toy her owner got for her. Enter: the micro mouse.

This toy basically operates like a remote controlled car, zooming this way and that at your command while your kitty zig zags wildly behind it. The perplexed cat has a ball trying to hunt down what it takes for its most natural enemy who has the audacity to step inside its domain, and the owner tries to quietly stifle laughter as they control the small fuzzy menace that inexplicably eludes the cat at every turn! Fun times had by all. Here is an approximation of what my living room will look like tonight.

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Aug 10, 2015

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Sony Eclipse

sony eclipse

Although it’s still in the conceptual stages right now, the Sony Eclipse looks like a really cool innovation and it’s definitely something I’m saving my coppers for when it’s released. It’s basically a music player (and so much more) with bluetooth connectivity and a solar panel back that trickle charges the battery so you’ll rarely have to worry about interrupting your toons to charge it up. It has built in speakers and will also be able to display things like weather, social media updates, and other types of content. I picture sticking it to a kitchen window with the suction cup back and jamming out while I cook dinner, or maybe on the bathroom window while I shower or get ready for the day. I can’t wait until it comes out!

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Aug 10, 2015

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            I can be a bit…forgetful sometimes. I guess that’s whyone of my loving family members got me the Tile for Christmas last year, and I’m glad they did! (Thanks Amy, if you’re reading this.)Tile is basically a little device that you can attach to your phone, wallet, keys, TV remote, or anything you have a tendency to misplace now and then. You can connect it with your Android or Apple smartphone to help find what you’ve lost. The Tile itself emits a bluetooth signal up to 100 feet. When you go into the app and tell it you’ve lost something, the Tile starts ringing, and your phone shows how close you are by tracking the strength of the bluetooth signal. This signal can be picked up by anyone with the Tile app, so if your stuff is really properly lost, you can send the word out th

Tile_V2-5_220pxrough the app and anyone who finds it will know how to return it to you.

This has really saved me time in the mornings when I’m in a rush to get to work and can’t find my keys (so Amy, my boss thanks you too.) I’ve even used it in my luggage for a bit of peace of mind when I’ve travelled by plane. Luckily, my bags weren’t lost, but it made me feel better to know I had a much better way to find them again if they had. You don’t have to worry about charging or anything, as the battery lasts up to a year. Here’s what it looks like: Pretty sleek, I rarely even notice it on my keychain anymore.  If you’re a bit forgetful like me, you can check out the company who makes them here.

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Aug 10, 2015

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            I guess I should tell you guys a little about being a game developer. This is something that people ask me about all the time, often with overtures of amazement and/or jealousy. Yes, it is an awesome job, but no, I don’t “just sit around playing video games all day”! There’s a lot more to it than that.

I’ve wanted to become a game developer since I was a teenager. In those days, I spent a lot of time online playing games with friends of mine who lived in several different countries. I always found it so amazing that these games gave us a chance to become friends when otherwise we would have had no chance of meeting each other. As we played more and more different games, my friends and I would compare them to each other, talking about what we liked or didn’t like and how it could be changed. Those conversations are where I first got the idea that I could do this for a living.


Yoh-Toon-blammo-FinalSo, when I’m at work, myself and other members of my team are basically responsible for drafting new video games, and what that entails exactly depends on the day and where we are in the creation process of any given projects. Sometimes we will be brainstorming ideas about characters, storylines, and plot, while other days we will be designing levels or maps and tweaking the gameplay experience. There is a fair amount of actual gameplay involved in the later stages, as every time we make a change we have to play through it to make sure that it runs well and enhances gameplay, then get other people to play through it to see if they agree. Sometimes the best ideas on paper just don’t translate at all when you’re actually playing the game, so that’s why a lot of in-game testing is important. Progress is often slow, and the work you do one day can be edited over and over again to the point where some days it feels like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back. It takes a lot of time and effort to design video games, so you have to really love the whole process to commit to doing it day in and day out!

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